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This WebQuest was developed in a class taken through Central Missouri State University.

This lesson is to give students an opportunity to learn about other countries and the culture of the people that live there.


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This WebQuest was designed for third grade, but can be easily adapted for grades 2-5. This project integrates Science/Habitats--Social Studies/Cultures-- and Communication Arts/Reading&Writing.

The students will need to have basic skills on how to navigate the internet.


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Curriculum Standards

This WebQuest addresses many Missouri Show-me standards and some are listed below.

Goal 1
Conduct research to answer questions and evaluate information and ideas.
4-Use technological tools and other resources to locate, select and organize information.
Comprehend and evaluate written, visual and oral presentations and works.

Goal 2
Plan and make written, oral and visual presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Exchange information, questions and ideas while recognizing the perspectives of others.
Use technoloical tools to exchange information and ideas.

* Communication Arts
3-Reading and evaluation nonfiction works and material.
4-Writing formally and informally

* Social Studies
6-Relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions.

* Science
4-Changes in ecosystems and interactions of organisms with their environments.


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This WebQuest will take several computer sessions to gather the information for the log and then additional classroom time to complete the poster and letter. They will need to have basic skills on navigating the web.Students will need to be broken up into groups and assigned a location to explore. They will need to get the journal log to begin their research. Either you can print out a log and make copies for them or you can let them print off a copy from the WebQuest itself. When they have finished task 1&2 and are ready to correspond with someone from their place, supply them with a name and address or let them e-mail. To get in touch with possible contacts for the students go to


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Resources Needed

The computer research portion of this activity would be a great time to enlist parent volunteers to help the students navigate the internet.

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Evaluation of student achievement will be done mainly by the students themselves. The teacher can evaluate the oral presentation of posters and the correspondence to check level of achievement.

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This WebQuest was designed to teach kids about the world we live in. To show them "WHAT'S IT LIKE WHERE THEY LIVE."

If you have questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at kbeymer@hotmail.com

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