Welcome to JOURNEY

Your Role--Your group will be traveling to Australia to learn all about what life is like for the people that live there. You will have 3 tasks to complete on your journey.

Task #1--Keep a travel log as you explore this land. Record information that you learn about the life and land of the people of Australia. There are specific things I want you to look for as you journey through Australia. Also record things that you find interesting and would want to share with your classmates. Click on the book below to print out a log for you to write down your findings. THEN, Click on the flags to explore Australia.


 Journal Log    

Task #2--Showcase the neat information that you learned about your place in a "Window to the World" poster. Get a 12x18 piece of posterboard and make a window frame. The frames will contain information and illustrations that share what you discovered on your journey.


Task #3--Write or E-mail a child that lives in Australia. Included in your letter should be three questions you have about their life and also three things you want to share about yours. (Your teacher will set you up with an address to write or e-mail.)

Now that your group has finished your three tasks answer this important question.

Would you want to trade places with a child from Australia??

Take a vote in your group.

Click on the flag to return to the process and finish your journey.