Now that you have finished Tasks 1, 2, and 3, here are some things to ask yourself. Rate yourself after thinking about how you did each task. If you answered all of the tasks questions with a yes, give yourself a 3. If you answered at least one question with a yes, give yourself a 2. If you answered no questions with a yes, then give yourself a 1.
Task #1--Did you find out what the habitat was like in your place and record it in you journal log? Did you discover some animals found in your place and write down at least one? Did you record what life is like for the people in your place? Did you shade the location of your place on the map in your journal?
Task #2--Did you make a "Window to the World" poster? Did you have some written information about your place? Did you have some illustrations or pictures in your poster? Did you share your poster with someone?
Task #3--Did you write or e-mail someone from your place? Did you include in your letter at least two questions you have about that place? Did you tell them at least two things about yourself?
Add up your scores. (Total score-___)
If you scored an 8 or 9, then you did an--
Outstanding job.
If you scored a 5, 6, or 7, then you did a--
Satisfactory job.
If you scored a 4 or lower then your work--
Needs Improvement.

Thanks for coming on the journey--