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This lesson was developed as part of the Warrensburg, Missouri School District's WebQuest Academy project, a State funded Competitive Technology Grant. As part of our seasons unit we like to look at different weather patterns.


With the WebQuest, students will be able to see and learn some facts about different weather.

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This lesson is designed for kindergarten science and involves language arts. Children are encouraged to express their ideas through pictures and writing. There is an extented activity which could be used for an enrichment activity.


Extended Activity:

Answer the following questions:

  • Which season does the weather occur?
  • Do you think this happens when it is hot, cold, or both?
  • What are some things you might do during this weather pattern? (I plan on making a graph for them to check their answers)

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    Curriculum Standards

    Missouri Standards Addressed

    Social Studies

    Communication Arts

    Warrensburg R-VI Science Curriculum


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    While researching the chosen weather pattern the children will draw a picture of the weather pattern in their weather journal. They need to place the picture in the correct season of the journal. If the weather occurs in more than one season draw a picture in both areas of your journal.


    After researching this weather pattern take the children need to take their weather jpurnal and illustrate each weather pattern in the correct season. Once they are finished illustrating their page they will need to choose another weather pattern. They will need to push the back button . Pick another weather pattern until they have looked at all the different weather patterns.


    This WebQuest was designed for students to work independently or in small groups. In our class we study weather for about one to two weeks. While studing weather we also discuss our four seasons and the which season we may find each weather pattern in.


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    Resources Needed




    Tornado Alert by

    Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert





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    Each student will be individually evaluated. The evaluation will be made on the season journal you will complete.

    (Still in progress)










     Cover Page

    Students writes name on journal.


    Students illustrate pictures in correct season.



     Students will represent their knowledge of weather through drawings and writing.


    Stated Objective or Performance


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    This Web Quest adresses the Show-Me Standards as well as the Warrensburg R-VI science curriculum. This lesson will provide the students with the background knowledge that will be necessary for them to be successful in other grades.


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