Confederate Soldier

Soldiers with cannons ready.

1. Choose the battle you fought in. Go to your resources and do research on your battle. Take notes remembering what you need to include in a letter you will write home. You will need to use lots of adjectives. By reading your letter, family and friends should be able to understand the enormous hardships you encounter as a Confederate soldier.

Fort Sumter

First Battle of Bull Run



Second Battle at Bull Run

Battle of Shiloh




2. In the letter you write home, describe the living conditions in the Confederate camps and battles during the war.


3. Read two poems about Confederate soldier life. What does the poetry tell you about the life as a Civil War soldier?

To wrap up this webquest, you will present your letter to the class. This is where your character will come alive! You will come dressed as your character and reveal your identity through the letter. You will be graded on your enthusiasm and creativity. You will really have to get to know your character so that you can best portray that person.

You should read the information contained at each site thoroughly with your individual role and task in mind.


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Battle at Chattanooga

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Battle at Fort Sumter

First Battle of Bull Run

Battle of Shiloh

Second Battle of Bull Run

Battle at Gettysburg