Woman on Homefront

The Civil War has just begun. You are the mother of 5 small children and up to this point your main duties have been tending to household chores. Your husband has been called to duty on the battlefront. This leaves you with a heavy burden of increased work load. How will you handle this? Remember you also have 5 young children to care for. You will share your thoughts in a letter you write to a family member or friend.
Some questions to ask yourself as you write your letter are as follows. How much does it cost for you to live as a mother raising your children while your husband is at war? What losses have you experienced during the war? What jobs traditionally done by your husband have you had to take over? How did it make you feel to care for soldiers who were fighting for the other side?

 You will need to use lots of adjectives. By reading your letter, family and friends should be able to understand the enormous hardships you encounter as a woman on the homefront.

To wrap up this webquest, you will present your letter to the class. This is where your character will come alive! You will come dressed as your character and reveal your identity through the letter. You will be graded on your enthusiasm and creativity. You will really have to get to know your character so that you can best portray that person.

You should read the information contained at each site thoroughly with your individual role and task in mind.
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