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This lesson was developed as part of the Warrensburg, Missouri School District's WebQuest Academy project, a State funded Competitive Technology Grant.

This a Webquest about the use of tobacco and alcohol by teenagers.

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This lesson is designed to be used in a 10th grade health or Family and Consumer Science classroom.

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This webquest is designed to be used in a classroom of 25-30 students if needed. The teacher will divide the students into 10 groups (roles), each with a specific task. After spending time gathering facts from their portion of the webquest, each group will present the information to the entire class using a visual or role-play.

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Resources Needed

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Each student will receive an individual evaluation. You will be graded on a variety of components including reseach techniques, use of time, ability to work as a group member, and presentation.

Name_______________________ and Role________________________

Research Techniques (20 pts.)

Web sites used ____ Results of e-mail contact ____

Use of time (10 pts.) ____

Cooperative group contribution (10 pts.) ____

Presentation (60 pts.)

Creativity ____ Variety of sources ____ Variety of presentation____

Visual aides ___ Effectiveness ____ Time constrants ___

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This lesson is designed to allow teenagers to reach the conclusion that the use of tobacco and alcohol at this stage in their lives would be dangerous. By reaching this conclusion on their own they will be more likely to accept it.

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