The Process

#1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 3 students by the teacher.

#2. Once your group has picked a role to play open the envolope that describes your mission.

#3 Investigate your field of expertise. Within your envelope, you will find detailed instructions for your assignments and links to help you find information.

ROLE #1: Teen Smoker

ROLE #2: Non-smoker

ROLE #3: Pregnant teen

ROLE #4: Teen drinker

ROLE #5 Parent concerned with smoking

ROLE #6 Police officer

ROLE #7 Parent concerned with alcohol

ROLE #8 College campus administrator

After your research is complete, your group will create a poster to present to the class using the information gained through the process of this WebQuest. This poster should compile data that will affirm the stand of your assigned role.