Mission 2 Regent


Role Responsibilities:

You will visit designated web sites to collect data on the facts behind time travel. Remember when reading each site you need to keep your task in mind. You are looking for the fiction, the reasons why time travel is not possible.

You will write at least one page of notes from each site identified below.

Time Travel: Theory and Practice

Time Travel: Web Study

Time-travel: Physics

Now, that you have your notes taken from these three sites on why time travel is possible you are ready to read your notes to your SRT. The other team members will also be sharing their information.

Next you will participate in a class on how to create a multi-media presentation using mPower.

With your SRT you will create an mPower presentation. Your responsibility is to choose slide presentation/actions for 2 slides. This means you will present only the information you found on those 2 slides.