Mission Assignment

It's time to begin your mission!!!

You will be assigned to a Scientific Research Team (SRT) that consists of three to four members.

As a team you will choose one of four missions making sure all missions are researched.

Two class periods will be designated for research in the computer lab. During this phase you should be taking notes on the information found. At least one page of notes for each web site designated for your part of the mission.

After gathering your mission information you will have half of a class period to share found information with your SRT.

The last half of the class period you will recieve instructions on creating a multi-media presentation using mPower.

SRT's will now begin creating their presentation using mPower. Two class periods will be designated for this portion of collaboration. Each Mission has a specified responsibility to creating the mPower presentation.

You will now go to the Library Media Center and make a choice from the Science Fiction genre. Will you choose to return to the days of knights in shining armor or choose to visit a far off galaxy? The choice is yours!!!

Once you have chosen a book you will create a diary to write daily entries from your science fiction reading. Click on the button to gather the information on how to make a diary.



SRT's will meet to participate in "Book Chats" to share their diary entries from their readings. The book chats will concentrate on your point of view as the protagonist, setting, plot, and other supporting characters.

Once you've completed your science fiction book it's time to write an epilogue. This is your description and comments about the book that you chose to read. Once you have your epilogue completed you will then create at least 2 slides using the mPower presentation program to present your epilogue and final thoughts on Time Travel--Fact or Fiction.

Final phase of your mission is for your SRT to present their multi-media presentation to your class.


ROLE #1: Mission 1 Regent

ROLE #2: Mission 2 Regent

ROLE #3: Mission 3 Regent

ROLE #4: Mission 4 Regent

Create a diary: Diary

In the Process block, you might also provide some guidance on how to organize the information gathered. This advice could offer suggestions to use flowcharts, summary tables, concept maps, or other organizing structures. The advice could also take the form of a checklist of questions to analyze the information with, or things to notice or think about. If you have identified or prepared guide documents on the Web that cover specific skills needed for this lesson (e.g. how to brainstorm, how to prepare to interview an expert), link them to this section.