Your group (2) is responsible for producing a multi-media slideshow produced in Clarisworks Drawing on a historical event you have been assigned by lottery. This slideshow must include the following:

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction with paragraph of yourself and partner (include your picture).
  3. Picture of you at the actual historical event (use Photoshop to transpose yourself into a picture of the event.)
  4. One page summary of actual event.
  5. Three photographs related to the event including summary of each picture.
  6. Factoids of decade your event happened in including:
  7. Interview with relative/adult of decade they lived in as a teenager.
  8. Last slide should include your impression of your decade as a teenager (00's) and what events and facts you want the future to remember.

Your group's slide show should consist of approximately 20 - 25 slides.