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This WebQuest is designed for students that have intermediate to advanced skills in desktop publishing and/or multimedia experience using the computer. Knowledge of gather of data, retrieval of pictures, use of copy, cut, past, saving of documents and picts in appropriate locations are necessary in order to complete the slide show.

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Sufficient time should be allowed for students to produce a quality product. In order for students to manage their time efficiently, specific class periods should be designated to complete each criteria of the slide show. Ample time should be given when students are selecting photographs.

If your students have not learned the basics of Photoshop, that slide can be deleted.

In assigning events for the students to investigate, have students participate in a lottery drawing. First, the students draw numbers for the sequence in which they will draw events. Then, in numerical sequence, the students draw for their historical event which are on separate slips of paper. The students then have a chance to trade events if they so desire. This method allows for a variety of historical events to be investigated.

A short segment of the movie "Back To The Future" will be shown to introduce the Quest. Also, as an introduction, the students will read actual time travel stories which can be found at http://www.jamesmdeem.com/timepage.htm.

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Resources Needed

Computer lab with Internet access, ClarisWorks Drawing, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Camera.

The following link, http://www.time-travel.com/books.htm, provides a genre of books related to time travel which can be given to the reading or language arts teacher in conjunction with this Quest.
"Back To The Future" video
Laser Disk Series - "The Decades"
United States Post Office Decade Stamp Resource Kit


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The final product of this Quest, the slideshow, will be evaluated by using the Rubric located on the Evaluation Page.

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