Interview Questions

Visit with your parents, grandparents or another adult about the decade they lived in as a teenager. Summarize the answers you receive into a 1 page paper.

Questions you might want to ask:

1. What years were you a teenager?

2. What did you do in your spare time?

3. Who were your favorite music groups?

4. What were your favorite TV shows and movies?

5. What did you wear?

6. Where did you buy your clothes?

7. What was your hairstyle?

8. What kind of junk food did you eat?

9. What event in U.S. history do you remember the most?

10. Do you have any comments about my historical event?

11. Who or what had the greatest impact on you as a teenager?

12. What type of books did you read?

13. School facts - where did you go? favorite subject? least favorite subject? most memorable moment at school?

Ask for any other information that they might wish to share with you.