Educational standards are ultimately what drive the educator to create the instructional WebQuest. Whether they be educator, state or national objectives, educational goals are the motivating force behind WebQuest design.

It is important, therefore, to keep the educational goal or purpose at the forefront of the planning and design process. For this reason, I have made this link accessible and comprehensive. To facilitate your ability to identify the links most appropriate for your WebQuest, use the Learner Icon Key.


 Public Education, K-12


Home School & Active Parents


Private Schools



State Standards:

Alabama's Educational Curriculum Montana Content & Performance Standards
Alaska's Educational Frameworks & Assessment Nebraska Academic Standards
Arizona Academic Standards & Accountability Nevada Academic Standards
Arkansas Curriculum & Instruction New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks
  California Standards and Assessments New Jersey Standards & Assessment
Colorado's Grade Level Academic Standards New Mexico Standards
Connecticut's Core of Learning New York Core Curricula & Resource Guides
Delaware Content and Framework Standards North Carolina Curriculum Matrix
  Florida's Sunshine State Standards North Dakota Challenging State Standards
Georgia Learning Connection Ohio Curriculum Models
Hawaii Content & Performance Standards Oklahoma Curriculum
Idaho Skills-Based Scope and Sequence Guide Oregon State Academic Performance & Content Standards
  Illinois Learning Standards Pennsylvania Academic Standards & Assessment
Indiana Academic Standards Rhode Island Standards for Education
Iowa School Improvement Standards South Carolina Curriculum Standards
Kansas Assessment & Standards South Dakota Content Standards
  Kentucky's Curriculum Framework: Tranformations Tennessee Curriculum Frameworks
Louisiana Reaching for Results Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills
Maine's Learning Results Utah Core Curriculum
Maryland Learner Outcomes & Indicators Vermont's Standards & Learning Opportunities

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks Virginia Standards of Learning
Michigan Curriculum Framework Washington Essential Academic Learning Requirements
Minnesota's Graduation Standards West Virginina Instructional Goals & Objectives
Mississippi Instructional Development Wisconsin Model Academic Standards
Missouri Show-Me Knowledge & Performance Standards Wyoming Standards

National Standards:

Department of Defense Education Activity  National Science Foundation
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards  National Skill Standards Board
National Center on Educational Outcomes  Improving America's Schools
National Education Goals  Pathways to School Improvement
The Nation's Report Card  State of the Union Address 2000

Technology Standards:

National Student Standards  
National Teacher Standards
Applying Learning Theory  

Religious Approaches:

Reaching & Teaching Children  Catholic Educators


Corporate/Business Training Approaches:

Best Practices  Applied Principles

Key Learning Experiences