The explosion of technology has changed the way that we teach. It has challenged our students to become researchers and critical thinkers, requiring them to analyze a daily barage of information. In addition, it has challenged us, as educators, to meet the challenge of facilitating this process. From state standards to national goals, this communication evolution has left its mark upon education.

In order to deal with this high-tech revolution, we must maintain high learner expectations and prepare our students to successfully participate and compete in a highly technical society. This task is both enormous and exciting!

The WebQuest is one effective tool that facilitates the integration of content, critical thinking, communication, and technology. By providing teacher-facilitated exploration, the WebQuest engages students in learning.

Teachers currently have access to hundreds of WebQuests on a variety of topics, all on the Web. First time users may wish to take advantage of these share houses by using an existing WebQuest while seasoned or technically savvy educators may desire to create their own. This WebQuest will provide materials and instruction on designing a WebQuest. It will not teach you how to make a webpage although several online tutorials are referenced. This WebQuest will address a variety of educator-learners and allow you to work at your own pace.

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