Evaluations come in many forms, as you have seen in the learning section, "Evaluating Your WebQuest." Although evaluations cannot assess the entire student experience, they should provide you with information directly related to your objectives.

This Teacher Quest evaluation section will utilize two methods of assessment. One evalaution will measure your design of a successful WebQuest. As that was the overall goal of the Quest, the assessment tool will be fairly comprehensive and take you about 30 minutes. The second tool will measure your learning experience. This measure will not only help me understand the type of experience you had but also assist me in improving the Teacher Quest.

If you have completed the four learning experiences found in the process section or your WebQuest design, continue below to participate in the evaluation activities.

Evaluation Activities

Select and print the scoring guide #2. Score your WebQuest. If you are working in a group, score individually and then discuss results. This will provide you with an understanding of how effectice your Quest will be with students. If you would like an expert to score your Quest, email them with a copy of the scoring guide (link) and the URL of your Quest. Response times will vary.

In addition to scoring the quality of your work, I am also interested in the quality of your experience. Please copy and paste this survey into an e-mail addressed to me (Dbartrow@aol.com). Answer honestly and with suggestions if necessary. I thank you in advance for your participation in this evaluation. Your experience and input is important to me.

 Learning Experience Survey

 Please copy/paste into an e-mail and submit your responses to me: Dbartrow@aol.com.

1. What were your expectations when you began this Quest?

2. How effective were the Key Learning Experiences for you?

3. What were your frustrations with this Quest?

4. What did you find useful in this Quest?

5. Did this Quest meet your expectations?

6. How would you rate the navigability of this Quest? (Low, Moderate, High)

7. How would you rate the visual appeal of this Quest? (Low, Moderate, High)

8. How would you characterize your overall experience?

9. Would you recommend this site to others?

10. Please list any suggestions for the improvement of this Quest.

Thank you for your time and input!

On to the to finish this Quest!