Experience #3


Hours of research go into the creation of a WebQuest. Quest authors must locate and screen sources, organize information into roles, plan navigation, and create their pages. This lesson will assist you in preparing for the design process by focusing your ideas and energies on planning.

In this lesson, you will you will decide upon a WebQuest topic and research appropriate resources based on the needs of your learners.

To complete this experience, you will need to be able to:

Locate information on the Web effectively

Send and receive E-mail

Critically assess learner needs

Download and install programs on demand

Now, let's begin! Travel to the selected readings below to read about getting started. Once you've read the organizational material, head to Interactive Sources to learn how to motivate your students with online participation. If you are already confident in your ability to select and apply interactive resources, then you may circumvent the readings and proceed to the application activities, #1 and #2.

 Selected Readings  

 Getting Focused

 Is a WebQuest the Best Choice?

 WebQuest Design Process

Organizing Resources

Interactive Sources

Exceptional WebQuests contain forms of interactiveness where students provide input, communication, or they determine outcomes. Examples of this may include input boxes, e-mail correspondance around the world, online simulations, virtual field trips, web cams (cameras), audio recordings, and multi-media presentations. The more interactive your WebQuest, the more engaging it will be to your students. For a complete list of sources, go to .

 Conferencing Techniques

 Quick Time VR

 Using Real Audio

Using Still Video Cam Shots

Application Activity

In this activity, you will gather basic elements before heading to the WebQuest design lesson. Begin by asking the question, "What are my learner needs?" With your group or by yourself, gather whatever data you deem necessary to identify group weaknesses. You may wish to brainstorm if there are several. Select the need that would most likely be met through an online lesson and one in which there are a large number of online resources. Enter your specific topic in the provided text box.

Proposed Topic:

Next, locate your curriculum materials. If you do not have local frameworks available, proceed to to find your state or national academic standards. Select at least two standards that your WebQuest will address and that directly relate to your proposed topic. You may choose as many as apply. Reference those below.

Lastly, cut and paste the text from your proposed topic and standards sections into a Word document and save. You will planning information to this file in the next section.

What's all the fuss about interaction?

In this segment, you will participate in an interactive activity. You may select from one of the options below. When you are finished, review the options on the page. Then, select one or more interactive elements that you would like to incorporate in your WebQuest and write it in the text box below. When you are finished, add the text to the Word document with your other information.

If you have any questions, head to the resource page, select the appropriate expert and e-mail your query. Print out your response.  Select an interesting WebCam Site to view via your computer. E-mail the address of this site along with brief instructions to a student of yours and ask them what they think!  Brave an online Space Adventure. Let your mind explore what lies beyond the reaches of our galaxy. Send the address of the site and your rating of it to a colleague via e-mail.

Interactive Elements*: *A word of caution: Make sure your interactive elements are appropriate to the lesson and to your objectives.

If you are the Communicator in your group, you must summarize and present the interactive elements to your teammates. You may wish to select great sites from each of the Interactive Sources and demonstrate the power of the Internet. In addition, print out all materials contained on this page for your group members. If your group has questions that cannot be answered within the content of this Quest, you will be responsible for contacting the experts on the page.