Group 3 (Health & Medicine)

If you are sick with a cold or have a headache, in today's society you can use over-the-counter medicines to help you feel better and get well. In the 16th century, there were also remedies for various illnesses. However, the general health of individuals was not as excellent as it is today, nor was there the wealth of medical knowledge that we have today. We have eliminated most childhood diseases and the major killers of the early 20th century such as smallpox and lockjaw, and polio no longer cripples children. You are used to having routine health checkups and taking antibiotics for illnesses when warranted. A look at 16th century health and medical practices will find many differences.

Your goal is to establish the basic health standards for 16th century England. You will need to find out about common diseases and remedies as well as what medicines were available. Below are some web sites for you to look at. You will be gathering information to answer to the following questions.


The following web sites will help you determine the health and medicine of Elizabethan times.

Black Plague

Health and Medicine

Black Death

Bubonic Plague


Don't forget about your final product. Your group is responsible for this. It will be a comparison of 16th century life to 20th century life using the questions from above. You may present your comparison in a variety of formats, i.e. a poster, a skit, a diorama, a poem, a rap. Evaluation of your final product will be based on originality and creativity as well as the knowledge imparted.