Group 2 (Dress)

Styles and trends in dress change quickly in today's society. It is important to have the exact up-to-date shirt, or shoes, or hair color, or hair cut, or make-up, etc. to be part of the "in" crowd. We can read and study magazines and watch TV to determine what is fashionable. In Elizabethan times fashion was also important. You will discover different fashion ideas to the well-dressed man or woman.

The following questions will help you determine fashions for the 16th century.

The following web sites will help you determine the correct Elizabethan attire.

Overview of Elizabethan Dress

Elizabethan Make-up

Queen Elizabeth's Influence on Dress

Elizabethan Era Dress

Elizabethan Hair

Elizabethan Corset


Elizabethan Smocks and Chemises

Fashion and Hair

Men's Fashion

Men's and Women's Fashion

Don't forget about your final product. Your group is responsible for this. It will be a comparison of 16th century life to 20th century life using the questions from above. You may present your comparison in a variety of formats, i.e. a poster, a skit, a diorama, a poem, a rap. Evaluation of your final product will be based on originality and creativity as well as the knowledge imparted.