Today we are so used to having a variety of food to choose from and a variety of ways to fix it that we sometimes forget that this was not always the case. We shop at the local grocery store where we can buy fresh as well as prepackaged food. Then we go home and put perishables in the refrigerator and probably use the microwave to help prepare it. You will be looking at 16th century food and its preparation which will be totally different from what we do today.

Your goal is to find what kinds of food 16th century men and women ate, how it was prepared, and when and where it was served. You should also notice any similarities in food and its preparation between the 16th century and today.

Below are some websites for you to explore. You will be gathering information to answer the following questions.

The following web sites will help you determine different Elizabethan food.

Elizabethan cooking

food link

cooking for a group

Don't forget about your final product. Your group is responsible for this. It will be a comparison of 16th century life to 20th century life using the questions from above. You may present your comparison in a variety of formats, i.e. a poster, a skit, a diorama, a poem, a rap. Evaluation of your final product will be based on originality and creativity as well as the knowledge imparted.