Team #5 Animals - Amphibians

Use the web to research items 1 - 6. The links to the web sites are found at the bottom of this page. When you go to each of these web sites, read the articles carefully in order to collect your information and data. Each member of the team will need to collect the information and make his/her own charts or illustrations.

1. What is an amphibian and what is necessary for its survival?

2. Amphibians often have predators. What is a predator?

3. Amphibians can be a link in a food chain. What is a food chain?

4. Make overheads illustrating the following:

5. How do the changes of the seasons effect frogs and toads?

6. During what season or seasons of the year might you observe the amphibians?

Links to Web Resources:

Missouri's Toads and Frogs

Wildlife Facts

Frog Sounds