Team #2 Plants - Annuals and Perennials

Use the web to research items 1 - 6. The links to the web sites are found at the bottom of this page. When you go to each of these web sites, read the articles carefully in order to collect your information and data. Each member of the team will need to collect the information and make his/her own charts and illustrations.

1. What is necessary for plant growth?

2. Why are plants necessary for the environment.

3. Flowering plants and shrubs can be categorized as annuals or perennials. Compare and contrast the characteristics of annuals and perennials using a Venn diagram.

4. Make overheads illustrating the following:

5. What changes occur to your plants during the different seasons?

6. What would be the best season of the year in which to plant your chosen annuals and perennials? List each and state the seasons.

Links to Web Resources:

Go to Step 3 of the Web site to locate information.


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