Team #1 - Weather Experts

Use the web to research items 2 - 6. The links to the websites are found at the bottom of this page. When you go to each of these websites, read the articles carefully in order to collect your information and data. Each member of the team will need to collect the information and make his/her own charts and illustrations.

1. What months are in each season? Use a calendar to find this information.

2. Make a chart dividing the months of the year into seasons and use to complete the following:

3. Illustrate thermometers showing the average high and low temperatures for each season.

4. Keep a chart showing the high and low temperatures and rainfall for each day for two weeks.

5. What role do the water cycle and clouds play in the weather?

6. Make overheads illustrating the following:

Links to Web Resources:


The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle at Work

Cloud Types - common cloud classifications