The Process

To accomplish the task, the teacher will assign you to a team of four students according to the topic you have shown to be of most interest to you. You will work in your team to answer the research questions presented. You will gather the information and make illustrations using the on-line resources identified for each role. An hour each week for three weeks will be provided for each team to work on a computer in the lab.

The main topics of the effects of the changing seasons on weather, plants, and animals will be addressed by classroom speakers. You will keep notes on the information provided by the speakers and write a brief summary of each. The information these resources provide must be a part of the final presentation

Once all teams have become experts in their assigned topic, each expert will be assigned to a season group of one expert from each area. You will be given two class periods to combine your information and formulate a decision as to why your assigned season would or would not be the best season using at least two forms of media from each expert to justify your team decision.


Team #1: Weather Expert

Team #2: Plants -Annuals and Perennials

Team #3 : Animals - Birds

Team #4: Animals-Butterflies

Team #5: Animals - Amphibians