The Task


The United States government and citizens feel very strongly about the need to remember and understand Pearl Harbor.

To accomplish this task, two special investigative teams will be assembled to travel, one to Hawaii and one to Japan, to find accurate facts. The team will comprise people from very different backgrounds to discover the truth about the facts relating to Pearl Harbor.


Specifically, your question is:

Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and what events led up to this devastating event in U.S. history?

Your team will develop a Group Report that will contain an action plan, taking into account one of the following perspectives: Military, Cultural, Religious, Trading, Human Rights and Political. You will produce an interactive presentation.

By completing this Web Quest you should achieve the following goals:

*develop an interest in Japan

*develop an understanding of world events surrounding WW2

*learn information about key figures involved in Pearl Harbor

*formulate and support an argument from one of the six perspectives

*work with your teammates to problem-solve a combined action plan

*question the nature of international relations in our more interdependent world