Curriculum Standards

Social Studies Standard Addressed

* Recognize the relationship among the various countries.

*Look at the cultural life of the countries involved in WWII.

*Learn map locations of countries involved and their control interests.

* Be able to discuss other possible outcomes if Pearl Harbor had not been bombed.

* Create solutions to prevent a World War 3.

*Students should use higher level thinking, come up with a creative product, engage in problem solving skills, teamwork and communicate new ideas with the group.

Missouri Show-Me Standards:

1.1 Develop questions and ideas to initate and refine research.
1.2 Conduct research to answer questions and evaluate information and ideas.
1.7 Evaluate the accuracy of information and the reliability of its sources.
2.1 Plan and make written, oral and visual presentation for a variety of purposes.
2.3 Exchange information, questions, and ideas while recognizing the perpectives of others.
4.1 Explain reasoning and identify infromation used to support decisions.
4.6 Identify tasks that require a coordinated effort and work with others to complete those tasks.



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