Role 6 Emperor Hirohito

Describe role: Hirohito needs to demonstrate Japanese power. He had to decide to attack Pearl Harbor. He had to use caution and knew the dangers of war with the United States. He recommended negotiations first. Why? Explain his thought process.

Background Information: Hirohito was a traditional direct descendant of the ancient sun goddess Amaterasu. The Japanese revered him as a god and every one pledged to serve him unto death.

Your school's library should have a variety of print sources on World War II. You need to keep in mind when researching you are looking for your role and task in mind. You will need to search the internet sites on the purpose page.

Enrichment activity: Your team could write a letter or email an expert in the field for possible extra credit. Below is a name and email address of a resource for you. You will need to have a list of questions before the contact. I want to see your questions before you email the contact.

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