The Process


You will be expected to participate in a panel discussion with your group, based on the information you have researched about a specific role.

The group will be responsible for creating a technology presentation. Each person in the group will have to write a persuasive essay on: How would World War II have been changed if Pearl Harbor had not been bombed?

  1. Choose a group of 3 students to work with
  2. Decide upon the roles below for the members of your group.
  3. Identify an area relating to Pearl Harbor that is troubling to your group.
  4. Conduct a preliminary search using the sites below for information.
  5. Talk to family members at home to find out if family members were involved in WW2.
  6. If your first search yields inadequate information, search again for more extensive material.
  7. Complete 3 pages of notes from your research about your topic or role, relating to Pearl Harbor.
  8. You are expected to sit on a panel with your group defending your position.
  9. The final group project will create a technological presentation to share in class.

Your individual final product will be a one page essay, drawing your own conclusion about what would have happened if Pearl Harbor had not been bombed.

Outline for the group :

* You will be given 2 class periods to individually research your topic using the computer research lab.
* For one class period you will brainstorm with others that have the same role that you have. Here you will exchange information and ideas for your presentation.
* Two class periods will be provided for developing your presentation. This will be in collaboration with others with your role. At the end of this time you will have chosen one of your members to make your case to the class. You will turn your essay in at this time.

ROLE #1: President
ROLE #2: Historian
ROLE #3: American Soldier
ROLE #4: Japanese Soldier
ROLE #5: Civilizans
ROLE #6: Emperor Hirohito

I suggest you keep a folder just for these projects. You will need to gather maps, flowcharts, summary tables, concept maps and anything else you think will be relevant. Each group is expected to contact an expert in the field you are studying. I think this will help your group find greater perspective of the event.


1.The History Place (

2.December 7,1941 ( )

3.Pearl Harbor ( )

4.Map of WW2 (

5.HyperHistory (

6.Surviors Organization (

7.Library of Congress (

8.Pearl Harbor Remembered (

9.Achives of Pearl Harbor(

10.Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings (

11.Encycolpedia WWII (

12.Lest We Forget:Pearl Harbor (

13.USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor Remembered (