Program Overview

Funded by a Competitive Technology grant from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, this program has been designed to allow 50 teachers in the Warrensburg R-VI school district to participate in an intensive training course focusing on creating and using WebQuests. The class is designed to provide as much individual assistance as possible, involving only five teachers at a time, meeting for four days (two days in a row, then two more days the following week). The sessions meet during the school day (substitute teachers are provided) so that teachers may give their full attention to the class. During these four days, teachers learn a variety of Internet skills, how to use an image-editing program, how to create and modify web pages, and then use these skills to create their own WebQuest, to be used with their students.

Click here to see an HTML version of the WebQuest Academy grant proposal

WebQuests are designed as inquiry activities, with students working in small groups, each group using one Internet-connected computer. This creates a need for a group of 5 or more computers in each school where participating teachers wish to use WebQuests. The WebQuest Academy grant supplied a group of six iMac computers for each of the four schools that did not yet have an Internet-ready computer lab. These schools include Ridgeview Elementary, Southeast Elementary, Martin Warren Elementary, and Sterling Elementary. Warrensburg Middle School and Warrensburg High School already had labs and these purchases were not needed.

The teacher WebQuest class is held in a small room set up for this purpose, with an iMac for each participating teacher and a data projector for instruction. The 4-day class is broken up into the following topics/skills: