1. To accomplish the task, you will be assigned to a team of 3 students and asked to select a career opportunity to be explored.

2. You will be asked to research in depth one of the following roles. Each of you is to select a different role, but do the research together.

3. Check out one or more of the web sites in your chosen field of interest.

4. Form a list of other websites that you investige that may be helpful to others. Write these down and include them in the written portion of your classroom report.

5. After exploring three of the following roles, write a summary about the specific role you explored and include the answers to the following questions:

6. Write an outline that shows the steps you would take to achieve your goal of becoming a music educator, music therapist, musicologist, performing musician, or composer.

7. Be prepared to write and talk about advantages/disadvantages of at least two of the areas you researched.

8. Finally, prepare an oral presentation to the class that will present your findings and conclusions about your chosen occupation. It should be 5-7 minutes in length and include information you have gained about your occupation. Especially include interesting facts you discovered along the way.

ROLE#1: Music Education
ROLE#2: Music Therapy

ROLE #3: Musicologists
ROLE #4: PerformingMusicians
ROLE #5: Composer