This WebQuest was created as part of the WebQuest Academy Program of the Warrensburg R-VI Schools in Warrensburg, Missouri. This program is funded by a Competitive Technology Grant from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


I would like to thank Stan Smith for making this workshop possible for our district. He dedication to our school, teachers, and students is greatly appreciated.


A lot of the information used to make this website was taken from Bernie Dodge's The WebQuest Page so that others can acquire the latest information and training.


We were able to purchase a program called Clip Speaker through Shareware for about $5.00. This program allows text to be highlighted and read to the students. This allows more independence with using this WebQuest.
Students will have time to work through this WebQuest during theme time in our classroom. This can also be done in a lab setting. At our school, we have access to six internet-ready computers. We also have one internet-ready computer in our classroom on which this WebQuest can be done.
During our overall study of life cycles, students will have their own caterpillar to feed and care for daily. This WebQuest will be integrated into our fact-finding mission about butterflies.
*Here is a fun and educational web site related to Monarchs