Ready, Set, Spin

*To set out to learn you will spin the mouse and click on Miss Spider's face to visit the sights. You will illustrate your own tea party.


Are you ready to learn about the author of Miss Spider's Tea Party?

Are you ready to view the Miss Spider's Tea Party ballet?

Are you ready to discover what real spider's eat? How do spider's get their food? After you get to this web page have the computer read it to you.

Are you ready to search for Miss Spider's Tea Party words?

Are you ready to create a book about what you have learned? You will need to think about your topic before you begin. Do you want to show what you learned about the author of Miss Spider's Tea Party?Or you may wish to construct your own spider book. Will your book be a "fiction" or "non-fiction" story. It is your choice. Do your best work,take your time and "spin" a terrific book.I will look for pictures that tell your story. I will look for your words to be written in your Kindergarten writing. Have fun!