St. Louis

Your team will use the web to search and gather information about your assigned region. From your research you will develop notes about places or things you find interesting or unusual about your region of Missouri and the state. You have successfully completed your search if your team is knowledgeable in the following areas:

1. man-made features unique to your region

2.natural features unique to your region

3.state facts of interest

4. a political map of MO and your region


From your notes you will create an original brochure that contains a narrative and illustrations about 2 man-made features and 2 natural features from your region. Using both your web information and a Missouri road map, you will construct a political map of Missouri and an insert map of your region to include in your brochure. Your political map must contain the elements of good map making (title,compass rose, legend,and distance scale). Your map must also identify: the Mississippi River, Missouri River, state capitol, the 5 largest cities in MO, and any other places you find of interest.

Remember the goal of your ad campaign is to gather all of your information to design an original brochure that "sells Missouri". You are wanting people to visit and spend time in your GREAT state.

Click on a web site to start your search. Below are 3 web sites you and your colleague will want to visit. Visit one web site at a time to research and gather information. Be sure to visit all 3.

Guide 2 Missouri web site

Show-Me-Missouri web site

Tour Missouri web site