Ad Campaign

1. Working with your partner research your assigned Missouri region. Click on the donkey next to your assigned region.

Missouri's 10 Regions:

River Heritage

Pony Express

Chariton Valley

Mark Twain

Kansas City

Lake of Ozarks

Osage Lakes

St. Louis

Ozark Mountain

Ozark Heritage

2. Develop a regional brochure that describes and illustrates at least 2 natural features and 2 cultural features unique to your region.

3.Apply your cartography skills and construct a map of Missouri and an insert of your region to include in your ad campaign.

60 Second TV Promo

1. Working with your colleague visit the web site on famous Missourians.

2. Choose a famous Missourian to research. Visit several Missourians before making your final selection.

3. Gather facts and information about your promo spokesperson. From your information write a short bibliography about your famous Missourian.

4. Together with your colleague develop a 60 second promo. Your persuasive writing should include your bibliography and several reasons to visit the GREAT state of Missouri from the speaker's perspective. REMEMBER you will role play your famous Missourian in your commercial.

5. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Videotape your commercial for presentation.

Click on Mickey to visit the web site on famous Missourians.