YOUR ROLE--Your group will be responsible for three main tasks.

TASK #1-- Why do wildebeest migrate?

You will be visiting the websites below to learn about the wildebeest and discover why they travel. When you find out the answer you will be making a trading card. Get a 5x8 card for your trading card. On one side write a paragraph about the wildebeest. Included in your paragraph should be what is migration and why the wildebeest needs to do it. Then illustrate a picture of the wildebeest migrating on the other side. Now you have a card to share with your classmates. Click on the websites below to find out the information needed to make your trading card.

Wildebeest Planet

Wildebeest info.

Wildebeest migration

Wildebeest migration

Wildebeest migration


TASK #2--Where do they go?

Now you will be showing the path the wildebeest takes as it migrates. You will be getting a copy of a world map. On that map you will show the path they take. Be sure to show where they start and end. Either get a copy of a map from your teacher or click on the map symbol below to print out a copy for you to use.



Below is the link that will help you locate the migration path of the wildebeest.



TASK #3-- What factors help decide the success of their trip?

Now use the information that you have learned about wildebeest to write a creative fiction story about one. Pretend you are that wildebeest. Describe your journey. Be sure to include in your story some hazards faced by the migrating wildebeest.