Your area of expertise is:

Alcohol in the Media

As a group, you will research your area of expertise in order to answer the questions listed in Task of this Media Messages WebQuest (How does the media affect beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of teens and children? How can teens and children become more critical media viewers?).

You will begin by using resources on the web. You may also use information from experts, brochures, books, magazines, newspapers, interviews or any other reputable source you can find. Try to find specific information regarding the media's influence on teens and children.

Individuals: Each of you will be responsible for doing research (other than internet) outside of class, as well as contributing to group research during class time. You will find a minimum of 2 sources and will take notes as you research on your own. Write the bibliographic information at the bottom of your notes. This required assignment will be turned in to the teacher at the end of the project.


1. Research your field using the internet sites provided below.

As you research, keep the following questions in mind.

2. Compile statistical information and interesting facts from internet sources.

3. Conduct a focused share time where each group member will present information from the research they found on their own.

4. Develop a graph or table summarizing the group results.

5. Conduct a 20 minute (minimum) round table discussion within your group using the Task questions as a topic in your area of expertise. Choose a recorder to take note of the most important details. Include the date, start time and end time, as well as the signatures of group members involved.

6. As a group write a two page analysis paper summarizing the outcomes of your round table discussion. This paper should answer the Task questions.

When you have completed each of the above requirements, move back to the PROCESS.




Use classtime to research as a group using the following links to the web. Please do not spend your time browsing or looking for additional internet resources. These quality sites have been provided for you.

Commercial Alert

The Role of the Mass Media
(particularly the Global Village and Far Reaching Arm of the Media)

Bud Frogs vs. Bugs Bunny