"Every moment Nature starts on her longest journey,
and every moment she reaches her goal."

-- Johann Wolfgang VonGoethe

 Here's Your Job: Use your information to determine how students can Make A Difference.

You Will:

  • read and evaluate articles about recycling and waste management;
  • explain how effective recycling/reduction projects around the nation work;
  • find ways you can start to Make A Difference in your community;
  • present your findings to other students; and
  • write a "Can Do" essay discussing the benefits of recycling and outlining ways kids can help out in their community.

First, you need to find out why recycling is important: Take a tour of Recycle City.

Next, you will be assigned a specific role of either researcher, evaluator or presenter, to look at the issue of recycling and waste management/reduction from different perspectives.

Now, to determine how YOU can Make A Difference, you will need to research your assigned roles' topics. Don't forget to take GOOD notes and give credit to all references!

ROLE #1: Researcher

ROLE #2: Evaluator

ROLE #3: Presenter

Go to either the Researcher or Evaluator or Presenter Page to find out your group's topics.

Once you have completed your research and gathered information, you need to determine, as a group, which three main ideas you will share with the other groups.

When you have all shared your information, you will work together within your group to brainstorm ways to Make A Difference.

Finally, on your own, you need to draft a "Can Do" essay explaining effective recycling programs and convincing others that yes, kids really can

 Make A Difference