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This lesson was designed as part of the Warrensburg, Missouri School District's WebQuest Academy project, a state funded Competitive Technology Grant.


As part of our kindergarten science curriculum, we study zoo animals. Our local zoo does not have a koala exibit. So we are not able to see a real koala. This is another way for the students to learn about koalas.


This lesson is designed for students K-3. It is an integrated activity which involves Science, Language, and Social Studies skills.

The students will need to be taught basic computer, keyboarding, and mouse skills.

We utilized a mac shareware program called Clip Speaker. This program will read the text to students. If you are using windows, you can go to www.shareware.com to access a similar windows program. To use clip speaker first highlight the text to be read, then press shift-apple-zero.


1. The students may choose a partner.

2. The students will work during free-choice discovery time.

3. The students will go to koala websites to learn koala facts.

4. The students will use paper and writing tools to make a fact book.

5. The students will read their fact book to peers and adults at our school.


I expect for this activity to last for at least 2 weeks allowing 1 day for each pair of students.



The students will do self-evaluation, responding to the following:


The students will make an illustrated koala fact book with a front cover and at least 2 fact pages. The teacher will use a checklist to evaluate the student book. The student will receive a satisfactory or unsatisfactory score.


Teacher Checklist

_____The student has designed a front cover with both print and an illustration.


_____The student has written at least 2 fact pages.


_____The student has illustrated each page.


_____The student's book is neatly done.



This is an appropriate activity for K-3 students. It is an exciting way for them to learn about an animal that they may never see in real life. It will also teach them beginning computer skills.