The Process

Does your state have an official state arthropod, mollusk, or segmented worm? How would you find out? What are common invertebrates in your state? Wouldn't you like to know which one in your category would be the best choice for a state symbol? After all, 90 percent of all animals are invertebrates. Fair representation for all our spineless friends is our mission. To be fully prepared for this Quest, we must:


First, you will start with some general research on state symbols. Go to each of the websites below and take notes on the different symbols of your state.

Click here to open a printable page of research questions for the following web sites.

Official state symbols

State Symbols of Missouri

Next, you will research some general information on invertebrates. Go to each of the following websites and take notes on different kinds of invertebrates.


Electronic Zoo/NetVet Veterinary Resources

After your teacher assigns you to a group, you will be assigned to one of the invertebrate categories below. Once you have been assigned an invertebrate group, click on the link for instructions for your task.

   TEAM #1: Insects
   TEAM #2: Centipedes and Millipedes
   TEAM #3: Arachnids
   TEAM #4: Crustaceans
   TEAM #5: Mollusks
   TEAM #6: Segmented Worms