The city of Chemville is very concerned about its ground water supply. This is the only source of water for the city. In an attempt to reduce pollution the Chemville City Council is considering an ordinance to ban the use of mineral fertilizers in favor of organic fertilizers.

The city council is having an open hearing concerning this issue in two weeks. Your objective, based on the role you are assigned, is to develop a comprehensive report to present to the council that will either support or oppose the ordinance.

 Your specific Question is:

Should Chemville ban mineral fertilizers in favor of organic fertilizers for use on lawns and gardens?

When you have completed this WebQuest you should have achieved the following goals:



Your final product must be in a form that can be presented to the city council (other students). This may be in the form of an oral argument, computer presentation or a combination of both. Your presentation should be compelling enough to convince the council to vote on the ordinance in accordance with your point of view.