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Now that you have read a sketch of your task you are ready to begin your Quest.

Getting Started

Begin your search by gathering information on exactly what ground water is. Answer the following question, what is ground water and why should it be protected? Citizens Guide to Ground Water Protection,

What are mineral fertilizers? What are organic fertilizers? Answer these questions by using the site Which Fertilizer Should I Use at

Another good source for general information on fertilizers is Responsible Fertilizer Practices for Lawns at www.Extension.umn.Edu/Documents/D/G/DG6551.html

One final source for general information is the IFA-Publication which you can find at

There are more sources that you can feel free to use. Some of the sources will be pro organic fertilizers, some pro mineral fertililizers and some concern ground water. Use any and all that you need to defend your point of view.

Missour Ag. Chemical Publications Fertilizer Application No ChemOrganic Fertilizers

Horticulture Solution Series

Suburban Water Testing Labs Inc.


When you have finished using the resources given above, you have one more task. Below you find the addresses of three sources to which e-mailed questions can be sent. You must send a question to one of these sources and include the information obtained in your presentation.

The first two of these resources are "ask an expert" sources.

Oregon Dept. of Agriculture

The Gardening Department

The final source, Mark Versch, is an expert in ground water. He works with ground water and well pollution on midwest Indian Reservations. He can be reached at the following,

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