Welcome! I hope you enjoy your journey through your assigned environment. As you visit the site, notice the pictures and pay close attention to the living conditions if you chose to inhabit this environment. When researching this site, note details that will help you make an educated decision about relocation. Questions to answer as you research:

1. Are conditions harsh for crop growing? Explain.



2. Is there an abundance of natural resouces easily available? If not, what is missing?



3. Does the climate offer acceptable living conditions? Give both pros and cons.



4. Do dangerous conditions exist? If so, be able to discuss them with the other groups.



5. Does this area offer long- term habitation? Explain.



6.. Are there plenty of materials available for shelter building? What?



7. What food sources are present? List them.



8. Would you choose to live here? Be able to give details about your decision.


After you have answered these questions, prepare your report for the class. Not only do we want to HEAR about the environment, but we would like to SEE the environment as well. Show pictures of the site and prepare a poster of your environment being lived in. Use lots of color! Crayons, markers, and colored pencils are in the cabinet. Poster board is on the back table.