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This lesson was developed as part of the Warrensburg, Missouri School District's WebQuest Academy project, a State funded Competive Technology Grant.


This lesson introduces students to 6 environments, one of which they become an expert. Their task is to research that environment and determine whether or not it is conducive to successful habitation.

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This lesson is anchored in third grade Science and Social Studies, and concentrates on cooperative learning and group consensus.


Learners will need to know vocabulary such as environment, habitat, and have background in cooperative learning--group work.


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Resources Needed

To implement this lesson the teacher will need access to a bank of internet accessible computers--ideally one per group. Whereas this lesson can be accomplished with one teacher, additional helpers would be beneficial.



This lesson focuses on researching information about environments, their conditions, and what they have to offer in terms of being inhabited. Third graders research these environments and make decisions on habitation based on details found in their quests.

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