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This lesson was developed as part of the a course titled Advanced Web Questing taught by Stan Smith at Warrensburg Middle School. I took the course for graduate credit while working toward my Masters in EducationalTechnology in the summer of 2000. Many thanks go to Stan for his expertise and dedication to our profession.

This lesson is designed to give students a real world experience in setting up their own business. As an individual they assess their own entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses, and as a group they research and design a business plan. I have arranged to have a local banker hear their presentations and decide if their plan is feasible.

From the DESE web site I found this 21st Century Vision for education and thought it was appropriate for this type of lesson.

Missouri's 21st Century Vision initiative seeks to improve instruction; it is not about "technology." More specifically, the purpose is to transform teaching styles and techniques, in an effort to improve student performance and enhance life skill preparation, through the infusion of technology into the teaching and learning process, curriculum, classroom environment and assessment activities. 

Web Quests are designed to do just this. If at any time you have questions or find a link that is no longer in service please let me know by e-mail at:


I would appreciate any feedback you could give me when you preview or implement this lesson. Iam constantly reviewing and revising and all comments are considered.


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This lesson is designed for a senior level course in Cooperative Occupational Education but could be adapted easily to any career or business class at the high school level. It involves research into and creation of a business plan and to a lesser extent oral and written communication skills and computer literacy.

Before beginning this webquest students should have a basic understanding of entrepreneurship and computer literacy is also necessary.


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Curriculum Standards

These competencies relate to the MissouriDepartment of Elementary and Secondary Education, Marketing and Cooperative Education guidelines.

Ability to assess the risks, rewards, personal attributes, and opportunities associated with entrepreneurship:

Ability to work independently and on teams;to teach others; to serve customers; to lead, negotiate, and work well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Missouri Show-Me Standards
Communication Arts

Social Studies

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The process involves assessing personal entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses and writing a one-page paper discussing this. On-line resources as well as classroom worksheets are used for this. Further, the students work as a group to research the local market and discover a needed product or service. On-line and local sources are used for this.Once the research is complete the group produces a business plan to present to a banker for feasibility. If you wish to use local sources you will need to contact them prior to implementation of this lesson.

The lesson is designed to cover a time span of six 90 minute class periods, depending upon access to computer equipment. However, you could use the first part of the WebQuest (steps one and two) and leave off steps three and four if you don't have that much time.

Student groups are chosen based on individual strengths and weaknesses. Since I teach my entrepreneurship unit far into the semester I am aware of each students capabilities.

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Resources Needed

What's needed to implement this lesson. Some of the possibilities:

Human resources include classroom teacher, banker or other review person, and a computer lab aide if some students are not computer literate.

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Basic facts concerning entrepreneurship will be demonstrated through the one-page paper the students will write. Application of the information will be demonstrated through the presentation of the business plan.

Evaluation for grading purposes follows:

Your performance will be assessed in a real-world setting. Your business plan will be presented to a local banker by your group. Your report will serve as a formal proposal to be given to the banker along with your verbal presentation substantiating your need for start-up cash for your business.Essentially, you will be selling him on your idea. Your score depends on the bankers decision. If the banker sees your proposal as feasible, complete, and worth funding, you will receive a passing grade of A. If the banker sees your proposal as worthy but lacking some essential information, you will receive a grade of C for average. However, if the banker decides that your proposal is not worthy of funding you will receive a failing grade of F. Good business plans include (but are not limited to):


You will receive a separate grade for your one-page paper you turn in. A scoring guide is included here for your information.

 Content Fair 1-2 Average 3-4 Excellent 5-6
 Attention getting introduction      
 Identified characterisitcs, aptitudes, and skills of successful entrepreneurs      
 Compared advantages of owning a business versus working for someone else      
 Documentation of all outside resources      
 Conclusion summarizes the writer's points      
 Contains information from a variety of sources      
 Uses an effective organizational strategy      
 Varies sentence structure      
 Uses MLA documentation correctly for all quotations, and paraphrases      
 Works cited page included      
 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics      
 No more than two or three minor errors in grammar and usage      
 No more than two errors in punctuation and capitalization      
 No spelling errors      
Points possible 78
Your score ______

The students are placed in groups for this webquest to demonstrate the competencies for working in teams. From time to time a group may not work well together and alternatives may need to be considered. As a solution to this I have considered having a 'survivor' day midway through this webquest. If any group member receives two votes, that member is then on their own to take on all three roles and produce the business plan. This seems counter productive to the teamwork competency- but perhaps a student has not mastered that competency yet and needs retraining.

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This lesson will teach students to look around them for a needed product or service versus thinking they need to be in a different location. They can't see the forest for the trees kind of thing. Additionally, they will gain a greater understanding and empathy for business owners.


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