To accomplish this task,these are the steps you will need to complete.

1) You will be assigned to a group of three,

2) Each of you will assess your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur by doing thefollowing:

a) Access the URL and take the Entrepreneur Test, record your score,

b) Use an on-line magazine to read about an entrepreneur, you may choose from these sources,

c) Use the information we have discussed in class along with your score and information from your magazine article to write a one-page paper discussing your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses.

d) Discuss with your group what your strengths are and how they can contribute to the group task, then turn in your paper.

3) Within your group each of you will choose one different role. At this point you will each do research on your own according to your instructions. Click on the links for each role below to see additional information.

ROLE#1: The Interviewer

ROLE#2: Market Researcher

ROLE #3: Accountant

4) When your research is complete return to your group and assemble your business plan.These sites may be used to access a business plan outline: