Your performance will be assessed in a real-world setting. Your business plan will be presented to a local banker by your group. Your report will serve as a formal proposal to be given to the banker along with your verbal presentation substantiating your need for start-up cash for your business.Essentially, you will be selling him on your idea. Your score depends on the bankers decision. If the banker sees your proposal as feasible, complete, and worth funding, you will receive a passing grade of A. If the banker sees your proposal as worthy but lacking some essential information, you will receive a grade of C for average. However, if the banker decides that your proposal is not worthy of funding you will receive a failing grade of F. Every good business plan includes (but is not limited to):


You will receive a separate grade for your one-page paper you turn in. A scoring guide is included here for your information.

 Content Fair 1-2 Average 3-4 Excellent 5-6
 Attention getting introduction      
 Identified characterisitcs, aptitudes, and skills of successful entrepreneurs      
 Compared advantages of owning a business versus working for someone else      
 Documentation of all outside resources      
 Conclusion summarizes the writer's points      
 Contains information from a variety of sources      
 Uses an effective organizational strategy      
 Varies sentence structure      
 Uses MLA documentation correctly for all quotations, and paraphrases      
 Works cited page included      
 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics      
 No more than two or three minor errors in grammar and usage      
 No more than two errors in punctuation and capitalization      
 No spelling errors      
Points possible 78
Your score ______