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This lesson was developed as part of the Warrensburg, Missouri School District's WebQuest Academy project, a State funded Competitive Technology Grant and as part of the eMINTS project.

Students will select, research, and present information about endangered species.

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This WebQuest integrates curriculum areas in technology, science, and communication arts and to a lesser extent social studies. It is designed for fourth grade students but could be easily extended to additional grades.

Prior to beginning this WebQuest, class discussion of habitat, adaptations, climate, note-taking,and use of PowerPoint might be helpful.

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Curriculum Standards

Content Standards

Communication Arts Standards Addressed


Social Studies Standards Addressed


Science Standards Addressed


Process Standards


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Please see students' process page.

This WebQuest is being piloted and this page is still underconstruction. Information will be added at a later date.

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Resources Needed

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This WebQuwest is designed to help students better understand the crisis of earth's ecosystem. Through research they will discover how human activities are threatening plant and wildlife at alarming rates. Perhaps with more attention given to our planet's crisis, we can all work together for a better tomorrow.

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