The Process


1. Begin with the background information. This will help with your research for your persuasive presentation.

2. With a partner select an endangered animal from the list in the menu bar. 

3. Partners will evenly divide the six topics listed and research information using the links below each animal.

The topics listed on your data sheet are: description,habitat, food web, adaptations, reasons for endangerment, and other critical information.

4. Working together partners will record information gathered on their data sheets. 

5. When all topics have been researched partners will prepare a PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation partners will give expert and persuasive information about their animal from the six topics researched. 

The presentation shall consist of:

6-12 slides 

4-8 pictures and/or multimedia clips

6. Both partners will participate in the presentation given to the class.

Are you ready?

Click on background information on the left to begin.