(High School Graduate)
with less than two yearsof college or training

As a high school graduate with limited additional education or training, it is now time to enter the career of your choice. The issues facing you now are monumentous.

In the world of work there are thousands of opportunities availabe to everyone. However, these choices become limited or selective depending on the level of educaton of the individual. As a high school graduate, you have the opportunity to obtain jobs that are not available to others that have chosen not to seek additional training or quit high school.

Select on the appropriate web links to search for information relating to your choice of careers, geographical choices, cost of living, available housing.

Read the information and follow the steps at each site keeping in mind that your are a high school graduate with at least two years of additional school or training. At each site gather the information you may need to add to your report and presentation.

Keeping in mind that you are a high school graduate, it is time to make some choices.

Keeping in mind that you are a college graduate, it is time to make some choices.

CAREERS - what type of job are you looking fo

INCOME - how much money can you expect to make

WHERE TO LIVE - mountains, sunny, big city, small town

COST OF LIVING - will yur dollar go as far regardless of where you live?

HOUSING COSTS - what type of house can you afford on you r imcome?

Report: Your finished product should represent the extent of your research. Include the relevant information for your selected careers. A poster should be asthetically pleasing to reflect your hard work. Remember, the work you do may help to convince a fellow classmate to STAY IN SCHOOL.