The Process

To accomplish the task you will be assigned to a team of 3-4 students. Research your assigned or chosen educational path to determine possible careers, income,where to live, cost of living, and other important information.

1. Select teams

2. Select a educational path

3. Select three careers

4. Select three cities that you may want to live in

5. Identiy the type of housing available based on expected income

6. Determine cost of living differences



Despite leaving high school, most dropouts recognize that they need further education and expect to acquire it. The career aspirations of many dropouts are high, although they are currently holding low-skill, low-paying, and possibly dead-end jobs. Such optimism suggests that they do not believe they are sacriicing their futures by dropping out. For more information about dropout rates visit

For addiional dropout information in your state, contact the Department of Education in your state.


PATH #1: College Graduate

PATH #2: High School Graduate with Less than 2 Years of College of

PATH #3: High School Graduate

PATH #4: Dropout